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Italian Dishes in America

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Italian Dishes in America

Immigrants from Italy poured into America at a rapid rate in the late 1800s, and not only did they bring an expansive culture, but they brought their cuisine. As staples like pizza and spaghetti became mainstream, Italian food has made a major influence on the diets of Americans. Many of the meals Americans know as Italian is not an authentic copy of what is actually eaten in country of Italy. At a typical Italian restaurant, one can expect to find what is more accurately described as American-Italian cuisine. Stereotypically, this includes pizza, spaghetti, cheese, meatballs, and various sauces with a tomato base.

Popular cuisine in Italy varies by region, meaning Italians from different locations have each brought unique and specific elements to Italian-American food. Tomato sauce, dry pasta, and olive oil are commonly found in dishes made by Sicilian immigrants. Northern Italians favor white sauces and risotto.

Garlic is commonly known to be a crucial spice in Italian food. However, American cooks use the seasoning much more heavily than in Italy. Italian dishes are likely to include cloves of garlic cut into large pieces. American-Italian dishes can feature minced garlic or even garlic powder in order to produce a strong flavor.

Pasta is a major part of many Italian dishes. Consisting of water mobile casino and semolina, which is a wheat product similar to flour, the noodles can be made into multiple shapes. There are over 300 different forms of pasta recognized in Italy. Some of the well-known ones in America are rigatoni, ziti, and penne. Some pasta is sold dry, and this type is usually made by machinery. Fresh pasta, on the other hand, is often made from scratch in a home kitchen. Pasta is one of the most versatile Italian staple foods that goes well with numerous kinds of sauces. Italian restaurants often provide a basket of fresh bread, which diners sometimes use to soak up excess sauce on their plates.

In general, Italian dishes follow a simple recipe of a few components and rely substantially on the quality of the ingredients that are used. Therefore, the dishes can be very easy to prepare. Ingredients like frozen meatballs and dry pasta can be purchased at some grocery stores or, in larger cities, local Italian markets. Even after a busy day of work, it isn’t difficult to make a warm Italian meal that the whole family can enjoy. Pasta, meatballs, and sauce can be heated on the stove in less than twenty minutes. Ordering a pizza for delivery involves even less effort and has thus become immensely popular. Whether the recipe is authentic or not, Americans simply love Italian-inspired dishes.

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Ways to Save on Prom While Still Making it Enjoyable

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Ways to Save on Prom While Still Making it Enjoyable

You can be able to have fun on your prom without spending a fortune on it. You can still get a decent prom dress at a reasonable price if you take time to look around. Many high scholars spend a lot of cash on prom night in an attempt to impress their peers in various ways.

For starters instead of going to dinner at an expensive restaurant you can settle for a home barbecue with your friends in the backyard of your home. You will be surprised at that amount of fun that you will have this way in the relaxed atmosphere and you can have fun as well.

That ride in the limousine that is characterized with prom could save you a lot of cash since hiring one such will definitely put a dent in your pocket. You can settle for an alternative mode of transport and even take your friends along and end up having much more fun that way.

An alternative to buying a prom dress that you will only wear once is to rent one or even get one from a friend. No one will know it anyway and you will end up looking great in that hired dress for the all important day of your life. Most girls insist on getting online casino their own dresses for the prom and this is one of the most expensive items of the day. Choose instead to save up on this and this will be a huge cut on your budget for the prom and you can go ahead and make a large saving on the dress.

You can also look up consignment shops in your area to be able to get a used prom dress from the variety that is usually on display there. Thrift shops are another place where you can be able to get a prom dress on a reasonable budget and you should explore the many options of getting a beautiful prom dress with a reasonable amount of cash.

At the end of the day it is not about the amount of money that you spend on your prom but how much fun you get to have with your friends therefore try to spend only a reasonable amount of cash on the day. This way you will have saved instead of indulging in unnecessary extravagance all in the name of making an impact on your friends for a day.

If you decide to go ahead and treat yourself and friends to dinner at a restaurant, a good deal is going to where you will be treated to a reasonably priced dinner for your special night. Here, you do not have to feel guilty about having spent a whole lot of cash for your prom dinner.

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Best Cuts of Meat at a Steakhouse

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Best Cuts of Meat at a Steakhouse

When going to a Steakhouse all the different types of meat can be overwhelming to know what the differences are. What are the differences in the cute of meat between sirloins, roasts and flanks for example? Here is all you need to know about the different cuts of meat, where they come from and which are the best cuts you can get from a steak house.

What part of the cow is what kind of meat?

  • Front- The front of the cow is responsible for this type of meat; chuck roast, cross rib roast, short ribs, brisket and shank.
  • Middle- The middle of the cow is responsible for these types of meat; the rib roast, rib eye, skirt steak, flank steak, New York strip, T-bone, tenderloins and top sirloins.
  • Rear-The rear of the steak is responsible for these types of meant; sirloin tip, top round, eye of round, outside of round and shank.

So, out of these cuts, what are the more tender cuts and which aren’t? For a tender cut consider these options, tenderloins, top sirloin, and the New York Strip. Chuck is usually on the more tender side but it is higher in fat.

These are cuts of meat that are usually not as tender but are still tasty when prepared well, for instance prepared in a slow cooking marinade; the brisket, bottom sirloin, flanks and shanks.

Now that you have a better understand of the where the meat is cut from and which are the more tender parts, here are a few things to know about the preparation of steaks.

  • The Grade- USDA Prime beef is the best quality that can be purchased and it is used in around 2-3% or restaurants. The next best grade of meat is the choice grade.
  • Marbling- Marbling are the lines that are found through the cut of meat. The marbling is actual fat content, the more marbling the more fatty the cut of meat. The less marbling the less fat and usually the less tender and tasty.
  • Aging- There is wet aging and dry aging. Again is done to the cut of meat to help infuse the steak with its natural flavors. Wet aging is done with vacuum sealed bags and dry aging is done left out on controlled atmosphere to help prevent spoilage.
  • Temperature- This is the question asked, “how do you want your steak done?” Here are the different temperatures of having your steak cooked;
    • Rare-seared outside and red most of the way through the middle.
    • Medium Rare- seared outside with about half red through the middle.
    • Medium-seared outside with a little bit of red in the middle.
    • Medium Well- A slight hint of pink throughout.
    • Well Done- A brown appearance throughout the middle.
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Good Clean Food

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Good Clean Food

In today’s society, it can be difficult for an individual to eat good, clean food. It is a fast-paced society, and, as such, the general public has been consuming more and more food laden with preservatives and chemicals. People want their food quickly and conveniently. Even when a person attempts to eat a healthy diet, many times they are consuming more pesticides and harmful chemicals than they are nutrients. Eating such food has taken a toll on the health and well-being of the population at large. There is more sickness and a higher obesity rate than in previous years.

Making the switch to eating clean, organic food does not have to be difficult. In fact, there are many companies geared towards providing wholesome, organic food at competitive prices. One such company, Harvestland, is committed to providing organic chicken, turkey, and pork products at reasonable prices. They pride themselves on their superior care of their animals. None of their animals are ever given steroids or antibiotics. In addition, all of their animals are allowed to run free, not confined to a cage. They feed their animals only a vegetarian diet and never feed them animal by-products. This superior care leads to superior quality in their meat products.

Harvestland has made it easy for people to make the switch from eating poor quality meat to higher quality, organic meat. People can actually taste the difference in the first bite. When people eat animals that were given antibiotics and steroids, those chemicals actually get into the individual’s body, as well. This can also happen when the animals are fed a poor diet. Over time, this way of eating can make those people sick.

Eating an organic diet, free from preservatives, can sometimes be a challenge. It seems as though everything we purchase from the grocery store has been treated with chemicals, and the public is in turn eating those chemicals and becoming more unhealthy every year. Eating good, clean food, however, means not having to eat those chemicals. Rather, it means that the individual will be able to consume food and get the necessary nutrients that that particular food was intended to give.

It is time to make the switch to not only look better, but feel better, as well. Eating an organic diet can help make a person have more energy and feel less sick. It can also help them to lose weight and help with weight-related illnesses. Let the new year bring with it a new way of eating!

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Great Italian Food

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Great Italian Food

Are you ready to go out for a night on the town? One of the important things to find is a good place to eat. How can you find some great food to enjoy? Finding great Italian food can be hard as not every place really works hard to give you an authentic Italian menu. If you have ever been to Italy, you know how the food in America will differ. Here are some tips that will help you find the best Italian restaurant to enjoy.

The Menu

Always check out the menu before you go. Does the restaurant serve the foods that you know you will enjoy? Do they have a large selection of authentic Italian food? A full meal will include appetizer, large courses, and dessert. Take a look at their selections to find the foods that you know you and your party will enjoy eating.


Most people enjoy a nice glass of wine with their Italian meal. Take a look at the variety of beverages that are offered. If you are not a wine drinker, look for other beverages to enjoy on the menu. Of course, you can always select water as it does go with everything!


The restaurant environment is something to consider if you want an authentic Italian meal. Does the restaurant have the right décor and setting to really give you the feeling of Italy? Great Italian food is all about the experience along with the taste and presentation of the food. Does the restaurant have plenty of seating for your party? Do you feel that you can stay at the restaurant after your meal to enjoy socializing with your party?


A good restaurant will have the best servers in the area to provide guests with an enjoyable experience. Look for a restaurant that hires people you care about. Do they go out of their way to make sure you have a good meal and enjoyable experience? Do they have a staff large enough to provide plenty of service to each of the patrons?


Always review the pricing when you are planning a night out. You want to be able to afford the delicious food and a dessert if possible. If you are planning to buy expensive wine, make sure you are budgeting for it before you go to the restaurant. Check the website to review the menu and pricing information so you can prepare yourself for the bill.


After you enjoy eating at the restaurant, make sure you leave a comment card or online review. Let the restaurant know what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy so they can make sure your next visit is pleasant. Delicious Italian food is hard to come by, so make sure you are telling others about the best Italian restaurants when you find them!

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