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Starting Your Own Family Diner

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Starting Your Own Family Diner

So you love good down to earth food, and a community sense feeling where everyone just casually gathers together. Have you ever considered the idea of starting your own family diner? There are many things you should consider when starting your own family diner.

The first step is to make a plan. You need to determine if you are starting from ground zero and building a whole new establishment or if you are taking over an existing restaurant. It is also important to decide what type of meals you are going to serve and what your hours will be. Where you are located can have a large effect on the answer to this question. You need to be keenly aware of the type of customer you are trying to target. Are you targeting families, college students, workers or some other group of people? This determination will help in deciding what to serve and the overall feel of the diner and how you choose to decorate. Along these lines, you will need to create menu covers which stand out and make someone want to sit down and try your food. You want to use colors and fonts that are enticing yet easy to read and understand at the same time. It is vital to always draft a business plan. You need to track your expenses and what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Although it is a diner, it is a business first and foremost and to be successful you need to be detailed and specific in your plans. You may also consider taking a couple classes about management, accounting, or even cooking so you are more in tune with the needs of the diner.

The second step is to think out the legality issue surrounding starting your own family diner. You will more than likely need to work with a bank to get a small business loan so make sure you are making some good relationships and connections. Lawyers, accountants and insurance brokers can be helpful in making sure you fully understand all the paperwork that you will have to go through when starting everything and making it all legal. You also need to get approval from the county health department so start that process early. They will want to know things such as the type of food you will be serving, the kinds of cooking utensils you will be using and even if there is good ventilation. Keep in mind that the health department likes to randomly drop in from time to time for inspections so make sure everything is always up to par

The third step is to market and get the word out about your new family diner. Consider joining your city’s Chamber of Commerce so that you can have access to that network. Utilize the internet! Make an easy to navigate website that tells people about your diner. Include where you are located, your menu with pricing, and your hours of operation. You could also put an advertisement in the local newspaper and have a big opening day with some sort of special like a buy one get one on desserts or something. Although a big project, have fun!

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Great Desserts

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Great Desserts

It’s that time of the year when out come the treats. It seems from Halloween to Christmas it is a non stop treat feast. And I  can’t help it. I love making desserts. I love how they look and taste and they make a great entrance to a party. I have made quite a few treats in the last little while and here are some of my favorites.

Rainbow Cheesecake-

This rainbow cheesecake is pretty simple but a bit time consuming. rainbow cheesecakeThe cheesecake has a very rich and creamy flavor. You separate the batter into 6 even bowl then use food coloring to get the correct colors and pour one at a time in the middle and somehow it just pushes the colors out to create this rainbow effect. The cheesecake takes about an hour in preparation, and cooks for an hour and forty five minutes, and then needs to cool in the oven for an hour, so make sure you have enough time to complete it. You don’t want it to crack.




Frankenheads These little guys are awesome. You may think you don’t like marshmallows but once you have these you will be singing a different tune. I found these guys on Damsels in Success. They are really simple! You just get some white chocolate, melt it, and mix in green food coloring and dip about 3/4 of the marshmallow. Let the marshmallow sit and dry and then do the top in milk chocolate. The faces are made with black cooking gel.




Holiday Pretzel Treats

holiday-pretzel-treats-christmas-recipe-photo-  These are a super simple but great holiday treat I found online. All you need is square pretzels, M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs. You lay the pretzels down on a cookie sheet and put a hug or a kiss on them and melt them for about 5 minutes in the oven, then you put the M&M on it, and let cool. That is it.

There are so many fun desserts you can make this year. Hopefully I will post more as I get time this holiday season.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Remodeling Your Kitchen

The time has finally come to remodel your kitchen.  Maybe it wasn’t anticipated and a fire or flood created damage to your dwelling or maybe it was completely anticipated and you have been sweating out the time as you waited, but nonetheless the time has come.  Now it’s time to get to work – and whether you are DIYing this kitchen renovation or are hiring people to do it for you it is a lot of work.

Establishing a budget is the number one step in kitchen renovations.  If you want to take out a loan or a credit card to get this done than you’ll need to jump on that right away, because you need to know what your budget is.  And even if you are taking out a loan or credit card you need to establish a monthly payment plan that you are comfortable with.  Some banks may approve you for more than you can afford, so you need to establish what it is that you can afford to pay.  Budgets are important for everyone, but especially for those with a very specific or tight amount of money that they can afford to part with.

Budgeting is simply declaring a total amount to be spent and fitting all of your needs within that sphere.  It can be simple at times, but can be frustrating as well.  If possible it is good to have a buffer in case things go online slots wrong, especially in household renovations.

The second thing to get sorted out is measurements of your kitchen.  You’ll need the measurements for the floor plan, but you’ll also need wall heights and the heights of electrical outlets and plumbing, as well as window sizes and how far off the ground they are.  These are incredibly important pieces of information to have throughout your whole kitchen renovation especially Dining Room Lighting.

You’ll need to determine your cabinet configuration next.  If you’re keeping your old ones you’ll need to decide whether or not you are refurbishing them or rearranging them and get that all drawn up on your floor plan, either way.

You’ll need to pick out countertops – laminate, solid stone, tiles, or wood.  Shop around to get the best price and work with a well loved company.  If you’re going to go through a home improvement store watch out for excellent deals – usually around the holidays – where you can get your sink and faucet for free or get a discount.  You can also purchase gift cards to these stores at discounted prices online.  Usually they only save you 5-10%, but when you’re spending thousands of dollars that adds of quickly.

Flooring is another huge important component of renovating your kitchen.  This is because not only do you want a good floor, but some floors have bad reps in kitchens.  Because of the amount of water used in a kitchen you’ll want flooring that can withstand its effects.  You’ll also want flooring that has a lot of life in it, because the kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in a house.

Finally you get to pick out all of the details for your kitchen.  You get to pick paint colors, baseboard styles, cabinet knobs and pulls, appliances, curtains, and many other things.

Renovating your kitchen is a fun experience that will knock the wind out of you.  It’s hard work and a long process, but it is well worth the effort and the money put into it if you really spend your time thinking about the details and how the kitchen can and will work for you.

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Ideas for Starting a Catering Business

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Ideas for Starting a Catering Business

Catering_PanWith hard economic times, there is no time like the present to start a catering business. If you love food and have a passion to cook, then meet your calling and make it happen.

Using your home as a home based business, you can apply for a business license to start and even have a health inspection. You have to because you are cooking food and there has to be sanitary conditions. Starting small, use a storage shed you own on your property to save money on your equipment. Or go rent a storage shed from Baltimore Extra Space Storage if you do not have one.

You can have all this out of your way and ready to go when you need to cater for a wedding, business party, or any other type of event. One other idea is to grab a Sam”s Club membership to get very inexpensive supplies and equipment for your catering business. Then, make shelving or purchase ready made shelving to sort everything out.

Use labels and dividers to make an easy catering system. Baking pans, warmers, spices, utensils, equipment, and everything else all stored nice and neat. But, all being kept clean and sterile ready to be used in a moments notice for your next catering event.

Ideas for starting a catering business are numerous. You need to think small and outside of the box. What is no one doing but you are seeing a demand for? Or, possibly providing something that no one casino has ever thought of before. There are different types of catering businesses to go into.

So, what is your passion? Do you like to bake? Is making cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, and anything in between what you love to crave? Or are you a pasta person that can make a person”s mouth water? What about being Vegan or vegetarian? If you personally know it and live it, then you can provide it for a catering market niche that is looking for it.

Ideas for starting a catering business might actually surprise you. It might be just as simple as cooking something and everyone starts asking for your recipe. Or accidents do happen and you just created the hottest food item on the planet.

Finding out other ideas are easy. Watch the local news, community events, cruise the yellow pages, cruise the internet local pages for your area like Craigs List, and so many ideas. You might start a catering business that will take off into other communities and cities.

If you are renting a  for your equipment and supplies, the company might give you a discount if you help them with their business and they help bring you in business. This is a win-win. As a catering company, they will see your items are safe and sound when being stored. In turn, customers will learn about what you cater and keep you bookmarked for upcoming events.

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Kitchen Maintenance Help and Ideas

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Kitchen Maintenance Help and Ideas

The kitchen is the most important part of any house. Everyone always congregates in it or near it because they want to be the first to see how the meal is being prepared. Many modern houses have the kitchen structured so people can see what’s going on without having to be in the actual kitchen. Sometimes a kitchen begins to experience a little wear and tear and starts to not look its best. This is when you have to step in and perform routine maintenance on your kitchen. The regular routine should consist of you cleaning the kitchen on a weekly basis and repairing anything when it breaks. Eventually, no amount of cleaning or repairs will make your kitchen look like it did way back when. If this unfortunate occurrence comes upon you, it means that the wait is over for your kitchen remodel. Since the kitchen is so important, remodeling it can cost quite a bit of money. You have to invest your money wisely with each home improvement project. The last thing you would want is for your home improvement project to cripple you financially, leaving you with a stack of bills and a kitchen that leaves you considerably less satisfied.

It’s always important to have a good idea of what’s in your kitchen and how you can fix it. Some people install appliances that are far too complicated for their knowledge level. When their appliances break down, they have no way to fix them because they’re far too advanced. It’s more cost effective to fix your appliances yourself due to the high cost of repairmen. When you decide to hire a repairman, you’re paying for the cost of the parts that have to go in your appliance along with the labor that they expended while repairing it. The cost of the parts isn’t a big deal. It’s considerably less than what the labor is going to add to your tab. If you’re unsure about repairing one of your appliances, you should car a repairman. The last thing you would want to do is try to repair something and have it fall apart on your watch. It would cost a lot less to hire someone than replace an appliance you foolishly broke because you didn’t know what you were doing. Far too many people have to learn this fact in the hardest possible way. It’s better to be safe than sorry in every possible situation. Make sure you turn off your water and have someone from Dallas Texas plumbing come take care of your pluming needs.

Don’t wait too long to remodel your kitchen. It will be obvious when your kitchen needs a good remodel. If you decide to remodel your kitchen, you should begin some work on the other parts of your house. A remodeled kitchen stands out in a house where no other work has been done. Visitors might not come to your house on a regular basis. That doesn’t matter. They don’t have to live in your house every day. You should start working to fix your house if it doesn’t look right to you. You have to feel at home in your house and that’s hard to do if it’s not looking its best.



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