Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas

A wedding reception is usually the platform through which the newlyweds choose to host their guests to a meal. It is also an opportunity to have some entertainment, receive gifts from family and friends. The setting should be in accordance to your color scheme or theme. Most weddings are arranged with the help of committees. These consist of friends who come together and help in the planning process. Wedding committees execute the wishes of the soon-to-be bride and groom. As it were, people expect to find good food. Here are some ideas that you could go for:

Breakfast reception

This works well if you are planning to have a low key event. Your wedding should end at between 9-10 a.m. Croissants and bagels alongside a variety of jams and marmalades will do.  Have some fresh fruits, pancakes, sausages, bacon and salmon. Remember to ensure a steady flow of custom crepes. Your guests can serve themselves by selecting what they like. Have a range of beverages to wash down the meal. Such an early event allows your guests to arrive and depart early. It also gives you time to prepare for your honeymoon trip.

Luncheon reception

Such receptions are ideal for couples who solemnize their vows in the afternoon hours. The reception could be slotted for daytime hours between 12-2 p.m. Your menu should have lots of chicken, salmon, salads and pasta. A light drink for every guest can top up this menu. Serving people lunch does not cost as much as dinner would. On the other hand, there will be minimal dancing. You can opt for a sit-in or buffet style of serving guests.

Tea in the afternoon type of receptions

You should slot it for slightly after 3 p.m. Such a reception is romantic and a creative departure from the norm. The servings may include fresh fruits, sandwiches, scones, casino online cupcakes and the wedding cake itself. Being a tea party, there should be a choice of teas. Tea receptions augur well where you have a huge guest list yet running on a tight budget. On the other hand, guests will not be served full meals plus the reception does not last for many hours. There is also an unlikely chance of anyone dancing.


If you are couple that loves to stay out late, you can try a reception with dessert only. The ideal time is from 9-10 p.m. The wedding cake should be the main attraction coupled with assorted desserts. Have some different types of cake to be served together with coffee. Have some champagne too. Note that the menu consists of sugary foods. Your guests should not expect a meal that would fill their stomachs.

These options are not cast in stone. Speak to a wedding catering San Diego provider about your preferred reception meal.