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The Smell of Brewing Espresso

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The Smell of Brewing Espresso

It’s nearly a ritual to some of us, that first groggy part of the morning where we kind of wake up in the middle of our every day routine. The part that really wakes us up? Oh, that’s my favorite. That’s the delicious smell of finely brewed cup of coffee or espresso made from the most exquisite, carefully roasted beans of perfect blissful happiness. The only way to really wake up and start the day.

On those mornings when I know I’ll really need a jump start, the brain’s almost on autopilot when I wake up. It knows to go right for the espresso, no time for the watered Americano espresso we call coffee. After those beans are ground with the steel burr grinder, I get that first whiff as I pour the granulated bliss into the espresso basket. I fill it over full, brushing off some of the excess with my finger. A guilty pleasure of taking a whiff as I reach for one of my espresso tampers, pressing down firmly and compacting as much as I can.

A quality tamper for your espresso is important, as you want to get as much of that heavenly aroma-inducing goodness down in there as possible. The brain knows this, and that’s why it expertly tamps down the coffee even while the rest of me is too groggy to figure out my socks are on upside down but still knows my feet are wrong somehow.

Securing the basket into the espresso machine, my fingers do the magic of pressing the buttons. It’s good they know what’s up, because I just realized I stopped doing my hair half way through because my phone told me the predictions for tonight’s game and I had to make some real fast adjustments to my fantasy team before Mike in Accounting could get whats-his-face to – oh, yeah, listen to that steam! Soon.

After finishing halfway putting myself into an appearance that wouldn’t scare small children and animals, it hit me. Walking back into the kitchen, it was nearly ready. The smell wafted into the air and I knew my selection was correct. Kona beans freshly ground, high quality coffee tools and parts, and practice-honed barista skills. This was the way a morning was supposed to start.

The mug had its triple shot of espresso in there, and it pulled me across the room not unlike an enticing finger telling me to come hither. The white ceramic mug, plain except for the large, bold “NO.” placed one it with the slight subtext, “not before my coffee” below it, was within my grasp. The golden brown, almost foamy liquid at the top hides the endless dark of daily motivation. A whip of cream and a dash of cinnamon, and it’s complete.
I can’t make the day perfect, but I can make my morning coffee perfect.

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Being a Foodie in New York City

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Being a Foodie in New York City

Chances are that living in today’s fast paced society you are busier than ever and have a go go go mentality. You probably are so busy that you don’t take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures around you. One simple pleasure that sometimes we take for granted is food. If we slowed down, and really took the time to enjoy and think about what we were eating I’m willing to say we’d have a completely different relationship and experience with food. So how can you become a foodie? First, you will want to educate yourself. There are so many resources out there that can help you learn about food and what you should really be feeding your body. As a start, consider watching some basic videos by the Weston A Price Foundation. If you are into documentaries, some good ones include: Fat Head and Food, Inc. If you are more old school, perhaps you’d enjoy reading books on good, whole food. Take your time with this. Taking your time can help you better absorb all the information you’ll find and help you from getting overwhelmed. A second tip to becoming a foodie is to revamp your kitchen. If you want to become a true foodie and really care about what you put into your body, consider cleaning out your old pots and pans. The best kind you can have are stainless steel. They are safe for all cooktops and the surface itself doesn’t interact with the food as you cook it. The thought of switching out your cookware might seem overwhelming and stress you out because of cost. Go slowly. You don’t have to fix everything overnight. Buy one pot here, and another pot there. Go to stores during times they are having sales. Get your pots to use most often first, then add to obtain a more complete set over time. Third and final tip to becoming a foodie is along the same lines. Make small changes over time. One idea to accomplish this is to start by changing one meal a day. Instead of having a poptart for breakfast, consider having eggs and a whole grain piece of bread. By simply changing one meal at a time you can gradually move into better eating without feeling withdrawals all at once. Gradual change is better than sudden change. You will also want to replace processed foods with real foods, get the right kinds of fat, and learn how to correctly read food labels. Another side of being a foodie is the appreciation of unique food. If you are in the area, there are many trendy nyc restaurants for you to experience. 7A Cafe is just one of those such restaurants you won’t want to miss out on. An added bonus is that they are open 24 hours a day! So no matter what time of day it is, you can enjoy their delicious food. They have a wide range of menu options all very reasonably priced for your enjoyment. So if you are wanting to become a foodie, take time to appreciate food and try new things. You’ll never know what you might find that you enjoy!

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Choosing A Beer

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Choosing A Beer

Did you know that last year more than one new Craft beer brewery opened everyday? Or that Craft beer has grown by 13% in volume over the last three years? Those are only a few of the statistics that show the quality of Craft beer. If you’re looking for online casinos a higher quality beer, Craft beer is the way to go. And it’s not hard to come by! According to this infographic, most Americans live within 10 miles of a Craft beer brewery.


What Makes a Beer a Craft Beer by

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Forget Cooking: Six Reasons to Justify Going Out for Dinner in London

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Forget Cooking: Six Reasons to Justify Going Out for Dinner in London

London city restaurants are some of the finest in the world. London is known for its top-notch dining and its fabulous dinner entertainment. For someone that is looking to treat their senses to music and a meal, and for those who are interested in the benefits of gathering with the people they care about, London”s dining has it all. To take a break from the ordinary and celebrate today, read this article for the six reasons that justify going out for dinner in London.

Top-Notch Dining

People travel from all over the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of a London city restaurant. Those people include some of the biggest names in the movies, music, and magazines. The reason that people enjoy London is because the city offers some of the best dining on the planet. If only to better understand why London is a destination spot for tourists, check out some of the many dining places, today.

Entertainment While You Eat

Many of the most enjoyable London restaurants offer a classy dining experience that is complemented with a touch of jazz, blues, or soul music. The best part about choosing a dining location with live music is that while enjoying a splendid meal, a person can also experience a concert like no other.

Treat the Senses

Dining in London is an experience in which not everyone has the opportunity to divulge. By choosing a restaurant with live music and astounding cuisine, a person is able to feed their taste buds with excellence while offering their ears the satisfaction nbso of breathtaking harmony. With dessert and a drink afterward, dining in a London restaurant can be a much broader sensory experience than staying at home for dinner.

Benefits of Gathering With People

People gain from being in the company of other people; they gain in a variety of ways—emotionally, mentally, and physically. A person who is dining in the company of good people, friends, and family has the opportunity to improve relationships, make new friendships, and enjoy laughter with the people around them.

Taking a Break from the Ordinary

Although laughter can most assuredly happen in the home, having a night out in London can improve a person”s perspective. Everyone needs a break from the ordinary, and dining in London can help a person to not only appreciate what they have but also to experience something new.

Celebrate Today

When a person is able to shift their thinking from celebrating a birthday or a special occasion to celebrating every single day, they may be able to see how a dining experience can be a lovely extension to celebrating today. Dining in London is an exceptional way to take advantage of the moment and enjoy it, right now.

No further reasons are necessary to justify why going out for dinner in London is an idea worth entertaining. With so many exceptional places to eat and mingle, it is no wonder that people are dining in London.

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Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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Best Wedding Reception Food Ideas

A wedding reception is usually the platform through which the newlyweds choose to host their guests to a meal. It is also an opportunity to have some entertainment, receive gifts from family and friends. The setting should be in accordance to your color scheme or theme. Most weddings are arranged with the help of committees. These consist of friends who come together and help in the planning process. Wedding committees execute the wishes of the soon-to-be bride and groom. As it were, people expect to find good food. Here are some ideas that you could go for:

Breakfast reception

This works well if you are planning to have a low key event. Your wedding should end at between 9-10 a.m. Croissants and bagels alongside a variety of jams and marmalades will do.  Have some fresh fruits, pancakes, sausages, bacon and salmon. Remember to ensure a steady flow of custom crepes. Your guests can serve themselves by selecting what they like. Have a range of beverages to wash down the meal. Such an early event allows your guests to arrive and depart early. It also gives you time to prepare for your honeymoon trip.

Luncheon reception

Such receptions are ideal for couples who solemnize their vows in the afternoon hours. The reception could be slotted for daytime hours between 12-2 p.m. Your menu should have lots of chicken, salmon, salads and pasta. A light drink for every guest can top up this menu. Serving people lunch does not cost as much as dinner would. On the other hand, there will be minimal dancing. You can opt for a sit-in or buffet style of serving guests.

Tea in the afternoon type of receptions

You should slot it for slightly after 3 p.m. Such a reception is romantic and a creative departure from the norm. The servings may include fresh fruits, sandwiches, scones, casino online cupcakes and the wedding cake itself. Being a tea party, there should be a choice of teas. Tea receptions augur well where you have a huge guest list yet running on a tight budget. On the other hand, guests will not be served full meals plus the reception does not last for many hours. There is also an unlikely chance of anyone dancing.


If you are couple that loves to stay out late, you can try a reception with dessert only. The ideal time is from 9-10 p.m. The wedding cake should be the main attraction coupled with assorted desserts. Have some different types of cake to be served together with coffee. Have some champagne too. Note that the menu consists of sugary foods. Your guests should not expect a meal that would fill their stomachs.

These options are not cast in stone. Speak to a wedding catering San Diego provider about your preferred reception meal.

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St Louis Wedding Planners

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St Louis Wedding Planners

Wedding receptions are events that take place post a marriage ceremony; it is where everyone can gather around and give speeches, party, and celebrate the people that have decided to join lives together. The event can take place indoors or outdoors—it depends on the preference of the bride and groom or the wedding planner. Before the St Louis wedding receptions are taken place, it is important to take some things into consideration. For the people who enjoy the outdoors and would like to have the reception outside, should watch the weather reports for that day. It is understood that there are times when the weather can be unpredictable, which is why there should also be a backup plan.

In the year of 2009, there were a set of twin sisters who were getting married on the same day. They concluded that if they were born together, they might as well execute everything together as well. The two sisters held their wedding ceremony at the church and they stood in from of their family and friends, with their both of their grooms–relaying their vows to each other. Once the wedding ceremony was over, everyone threw rice on them as they headed for their carriage that would lead them to a park. Evidently, the park was held outside and when they arrived at the park, they noticed the formation of rain clouds. Some of their family and friends were aware that there were rain clouds forming the sky so half of them did not show. Thirty minutes into the wedding reception it started to rain, heavily.

The twin sisters and their grooms were highly upset that a day of happiness and joy turned into a nightmare because they failed to watch the weather channel. They figured that it was the summer and the chances of it raining were slim to none. Due to the fact that they were oblivious to the weather, they did not have a plan b. Those who are having a wedding reception outdoors should always have a plan b in case the weather changes. It is redundant to end a reception early due to neglectfulness.

For those who plan to have their wedding reception indoors would probably have a better chance at their day going smoothly. Having a plan b and informing everyone that the plans have changed can end in a catastrophe. One could also lose people during all of the mix because a lot of persons wouldn’t want to go through all of the hassle because the current plans have changed. As a wedding planner, it is important to be prompt and two steps ahead in order for the day to turn out smoothly.

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