Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

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Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is always the heart of the party, with hosts and guests moving in and out for food and beverages. Many people find that no matter how much time they put into setting everything up in a specific room, guests seem to find their way to the kitchen and linger there. You may want to move the party outside, likely into a larger, more open area where guests can mix and mingle where the food is. Creating an outdoor kitchen allows you, as the host, to stay where your guests are, rather than running in and out of the house for more food or beverages.

Start With a Grill

An outdoor kitchen needs to start with a place to prepare food. Even if you plan on installing an outdoor oven in the future, you can get your outdoor kitchen up and running with a high-quality grill. This is one area where you won’t want to cut corners to save money. A low-quality grill will have a much shorter life than a high-quality grill. Choose one made of high-grade stainless steel, interior and exterior, to avoid future rust. Using a propane grill instead of installing a permanent gas or electric cooktop will save you money.

Consider a Prefab Oven

When you do install an oven, consider choosing a prefabricated brick oven kit. You can lay a small foundation, build three brick walls and a shelf for support, and install your chosen prefab oven. All that’s left is to surround the oven with bricks, create a chimney system, and cover it all with a roof. Using a prefab kit will save money over building the entire oven from scratch.

Plan for Running Water

Kitchens just aren’t complete without a sink. Having a place to wash your hands is a must, especially when you’re working with raw meats. Running water in your outdoor kitchen will also save you time when it comes to cleaning. There are several options for installing water in your outdoor kitchen, but you don’t necessarily have to go with the expense of plumbing water from your house. Consider installing a water heater under a counter. You can also find portable sinks that don’t require plumbing. Instead, these sinks have water tanks, which can be filled with a garden hose in your backyard. Some portable sinks provide hot and cold water.

When you’re building your outdoor kitchen, you may find you don’t have all the tools you need for a particular job. You don’t have to buy everything. Consider renting tools as needed if you don’t have the storage space or the need to keep them forever. If you need equipment rental in San Francisco, consider using the internet to find a company close to you. Always seek a rental company with low costs, and fair rental terms.