Dieting tips for the recently disabled

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Dieting tips for the recently disabled

There are many people who are going through a disability that may find that the dietary transitioning is a chore. They are used to eating a certain way and, now that mobility may be an issue, they find themselves gaining weight because of it. There are steps that can be taken to minimize the weight that is often gained from dealing with a disability where diet is concerned.

Cut the amount of sugar and fat in the diet
Many people that have a disability due to an accident or through the negligence of another person should consider cutting down the amount of sugar and fat in their diet if they feel that they are gaining weight or having mobility issues due to chronic joint pain. Sugary soft drinks and deep fried foods should be avoided so that they can effectively burn the calories that they intake and not worry about the extra calories associated with fats and sugar accumulating in the body and causing weight gain.

Fruits and Vegetables
It is important for anyone that is suffering through a disability to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. This is because many fruits and vegetables contain natural antioxidants that help to boost a person’s immunity system. Fruits and vegetables are also absorbed by the body more easily which can aid in digestion.

Lower carbohydrate intake
Grains and pasta are chocked full of carbohydrates and while they are a good source for power for an active person they can make a person with a disability feel sluggish and can make them gain weight. Carbohydrates in moderation is preferred. Bread, and noodles are the two most common forms of carbohydrates that most people consume. It is important to try and replace some of these carbohydrate rich foods with foods rich in protein and antioxidants.

Increase the amount of protein that is consumed
Protein builds muscle. Lean meats such as fish, poultry and limited amounts of red meat and pork are great sources of protein that can help the body to heal damaged muscle fibers from an accident or through the negligence of someone else, and these foods can help a person get on the road to recovery.

There are many dieting tips that a person can employ when going through a disability. It is important to feed a body the proper nutrients so that it can start the healing process; however, it is equally important for that person to have a good mental state. The easiest way for someone that is going through a disability because of an accident or through the fault of another is to seek the assistance of a disability attorney such as Myler Disability so that they can get the representation that they need in this trying time.