Food Ideas for Children with Celiac Disease or Peanut Allergies

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Food Ideas for Children with Celiac Disease or Peanut Allergies

Food allergies plague most children these days, and even adults.  But what do you do for your little ones who need to eat, but can’t eat all of the regular things offered to kids.  No Mac and Cheese, no PB and J – what’s left for a kid?  There are plenty of options!  They just require a little more creativity.

If your child has peanut allergies you often have to stay away from more than just peanut butter, because if the allergy is severe enough your child won’t be able to eat anything made in factory that processes peanuts (don’t worry it is required to be labeled on the container of the item).  For this reason you’ll want to make a lot of items from scratch.  This can be really easy though, especially with the forums available online now with which you can search for recipes.

Don’t let the joys of PB and J pass your child by either.  Just twist it up a bit by using Almond Butter instead.  Almond butter is a tasty alternative that even has more protein than peanut butter does.  You can use it as an exact replacement for peanut butter.  Just add to bread, spread, add jelly to bread, spread, close sandwich and enjoy.

If your child suffers from Celiac Disease things can get complicated as well, but luckily Celiac is becoming more and more well known and tons of different options are becoming readily available.  It is cheaper to cook from scratch with Celiac Disease, but many options are available in stores as well.  Your child can still enjoy items such as cookies, breads, and pastas.  These items just need to be made with gluten free ingredients.  There are many recipes available online that create all purpose flour replacements.  These can be used exactly in place of regular all purpose flour in recipes.  There are also a lot of recipe books available now that can help a great deal in accomplishing the task of creating gluten free meals.  These meals are tasty and safe for your child to consume.  The whole family will benefit from and enjoy them.

It takes some adjustment if you’ve never dealt with the new food allergy before, but after an initial adjustment period it becomes second nature.  Your child will learn to recognize the items that are dangerous to their bodies and you will become more comfortable with finding and creating items that are suitable for your child.

In some cases keeping a food allergen away is a life or death situation while in other situations is can be as severe as creating vomiting and diarrhea or as mild as creating behavioral issues.  Often we don’t realize how drastically a food item can alter a person’s behavior, but once you are aware of it you should take as much precaution as you would if you needed to stick your child with an epi pen and run to the ER.  Food allergies are very real and they greatly affect the lives of those who have them and their family members and friends as well, but with some understanding and creativity everyone can learn to enjoy food together in a safe environment. There are a lot of great websites like One Good Thing that can give you creative ideas to create meals and snacks for allergic kids.