How Vegans Do Emergency Food Storage

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How Vegans Do Emergency Food Storage

Emergency food storage for vegans is a little different than for omnivores but it isn”t hard. Many of the foods that do well in an emergency storage situation are vegan and it is relatively easy to substitute for the few meat, egg and dairy products that are commonly used. Canned and dried foods are usually the core of any emergency food storage plan, whether omnivorous or vegan.

Dried Foods


Lentils cook quickly in 30-45 minutes and are a good source of protein and fiber. The beans need to be sorted in order to remove bad ones and rocks and then rinsed before boiling. They can easily be made more interesting by adding onion, tomato and spices which they are cooking and can be either made into soup or a thicker bean dish.


Pintos take a bit longer to cook than lentils but otherwise share their good features. Sorting pintos is a little easier since the beans are bigger. Cooking is the same as for lentils except that these beans must be boiled for several hours before they can be eaten.



Many items in our daily lives are made from wheat and storing this grain along with a grinder gives you lots of options. The flour that you can make can easily be turned into simple biscuits or breads, crackers, tortillas or even a hot cereal. Sprouting wheat seeds increases the nutritional availability of several vitamins and minerals as well.


Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice but emergency storage is one place where you might want to casino go with white. While brown rice has a shelf life of about a year after which the oils in the grains go rancid, properly-stored white rice has an indefinite shelf life. Rice and beans of any kind make a complete protein meal and can easily be made more interesting by the addition of canned vegetables and various spices.

Canned Foods


Various tomato products can be used in cooking a wide variety of dishes. Choose your favorites among steamed, stewing, diced, sauce, or other canned tomato formats. Adding some spices to your emergency supplies gives you the basic setup for tomato soup, as well.

Other Veggies

Canned veggies aren”t as good for you as fresh ones but they provide many vital nutrients just the same. As well as adding interest to your dishes they provide nutritional support that might otherwise be lacking. Good options include corn, green beans, carrots, asparagus and onions.

Faux Meat

If you eat fake meat there are several types that can be purchased in a can. These items provide protein and are usually ready to eat which makes them extra convenient. Vegan hotdogs, faux ground beef and more are available in cans.



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