Italian Dishes in America

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Italian Dishes in America

Immigrants from Italy poured into America at a rapid rate in the late 1800s, and not only did they bring an expansive culture, but they brought their cuisine. As staples like pizza and spaghetti became mainstream, Italian food has made a major influence on the diets of Americans. Many of the meals Americans know as Italian is not an authentic copy of what is actually eaten in country of Italy. At a typical Italian restaurant, one can expect to find what is more accurately described as American-Italian cuisine. Stereotypically, this includes pizza, spaghetti, cheese, meatballs, and various sauces with a tomato base.

Popular cuisine in Italy varies by region, meaning Italians from different locations have each brought unique and specific elements to Italian-American food. Tomato sauce, dry pasta, and olive oil are commonly found in dishes made by Sicilian immigrants. Northern Italians favor white sauces and risotto.

Garlic is commonly known to be a crucial spice in Italian food. However, American cooks use the seasoning much more heavily than in Italy. Italian dishes are likely to include cloves of garlic cut into large pieces. American-Italian dishes can feature minced garlic or even garlic powder in order to produce a strong flavor.

Pasta is a major part of many Italian dishes. Consisting of water mobile casino and semolina, which is a wheat product similar to flour, the noodles can be made into multiple shapes. There are over 300 different forms of pasta recognized in Italy. Some of the well-known ones in America are rigatoni, ziti, and penne. Some pasta is sold dry, and this type is usually made by machinery. Fresh pasta, on the other hand, is often made from scratch in a home kitchen. Pasta is one of the most versatile Italian staple foods that goes well with numerous kinds of sauces. Italian restaurants often provide a basket of fresh bread, which diners sometimes use to soak up excess sauce on their plates.

In general, Italian dishes follow a simple recipe of a few components and rely substantially on the quality of the ingredients that are used. Therefore, the dishes can be very easy to prepare. Ingredients like frozen meatballs and dry pasta can be purchased at some grocery stores or, in larger cities, local Italian markets. Even after a busy day of work, it isn’t difficult to make a warm Italian meal that the whole family can enjoy. Pasta, meatballs, and sauce can be heated on the stove in less than twenty minutes. Ordering a pizza for delivery involves even less effort and has thus become immensely popular. Whether the recipe is authentic or not, Americans simply love Italian-inspired dishes.