Kitchen Tips And Maintenance

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With a great plumbers supply arsenal and these tips, you can rule the kitchen with less clean up and more cooking and eating.

Do It Now

Start with basic cleaning. When you wipe things down from time to time, or every time as the case may be, you can save yourself from the dreaded Spring-cleaning of the kitchen. While you might still have a couple of semi-annual tasks, like wiping out the fridge, it all becomes easier when you do most of it all along.

So wash your dishes right after you use them, when the food is soft enough to come off easily, and wipe down the appliances right when they are dirtied. If you spill something on the stove, sponge it off. If you get the fridge door sticky, do something about it before people spread that stickiness around to other parts of the house. When you promptly tidy us your mess you lower the likelihood of it spreading exponentially to places you could never dream of. You might wonder how dirt got into the bathroom rug or how hair ended up in the kitchen sink. When you fix things right away, you don’t have to wonder.


With your kitchen and plumbers supply bucket, take care of the heart of the home efficiently. Clean out the oven after you have a major spill or burn fest. Just let it run its heavy-duty cycle that night and wipe up the ashes in the morning. Only buy an oven with this option. Otherwise, you might have to use highly caustic oven cleaner that is gross and smelly. When using chemicals, ventilate the air well with fans and windows. This keeps you safe. Run the dishwasher every once in a while with nothing in it to keep it going all on its own. And keep the sink fresh by grinding citrus peels down the disposal. Before wiping down the microwave, heat a bowl of water for a couple of minutes to soften the gunk. These tips will make the job easier and cleanlier.

Circulating Food

Along with tapping into the plumbers supply, you should consider keeping your foods up to date. This can save you money and keep you well. Otherwise you might use an old can that should have been thrown away long ago. Some people really have trouble keeping food in their cupboards. They always seem to be out. But what would happen if they couldn’t go out for days due to an emergency? They might be stuck without food. So stock up and create a system in which the new food goes in back or op top of the descending can mechanism. Circulate your food and keep up the kitchen for a happier, healthier home.