Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Remodeling Your Kitchen

The time has finally come to remodel your kitchen.  Maybe it wasn’t anticipated and a fire or flood created damage to your dwelling or maybe it was completely anticipated and you have been sweating out the time as you waited, but nonetheless the time has come.  Now it’s time to get to work – and whether you are DIYing this kitchen renovation or are hiring people to do it for you it is a lot of work.

Establishing a budget is the number one step in kitchen renovations.  If you want to take out a loan or a credit card to get this done than you’ll need to jump on that right away, because you need to know what your budget is.  And even if you are taking out a loan or credit card you need to establish a monthly payment plan that you are comfortable with.  Some banks may approve you for more than you can afford, so you need to establish what it is that you can afford to pay.  Budgets are important for everyone, but especially for those with a very specific or tight amount of money that they can afford to part with.

Budgeting is simply declaring a total amount to be spent and fitting all of your needs within that sphere.  It can be simple at times, but can be frustrating as well.  If possible it is good to have a buffer in case things go online slots wrong, especially in household renovations.

The second thing to get sorted out is measurements of your kitchen.  You’ll need the measurements for the floor plan, but you’ll also need wall heights and the heights of electrical outlets and plumbing, as well as window sizes and how far off the ground they are.  These are incredibly important pieces of information to have throughout your whole kitchen renovation especially Dining Room Lighting.

You’ll need to determine your cabinet configuration next.  If you’re keeping your old ones you’ll need to decide whether or not you are refurbishing them or rearranging them and get that all drawn up on your floor plan, either way.

You’ll need to pick out countertops – laminate, solid stone, tiles, or wood.  Shop around to get the best price and work with a well loved company.  If you’re going to go through a home improvement store watch out for excellent deals – usually around the holidays – where you can get your sink and faucet for free or get a discount.  You can also purchase gift cards to these stores at discounted prices online.  Usually they only save you 5-10%, but when you’re spending thousands of dollars that adds of quickly.

Flooring is another huge important component of renovating your kitchen.  This is because not only do you want a good floor, but some floors have bad reps in kitchens.  Because of the amount of water used in a kitchen you’ll want flooring that can withstand its effects.  You’ll also want flooring that has a lot of life in it, because the kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in a house.

Finally you get to pick out all of the details for your kitchen.  You get to pick paint colors, baseboard styles, cabinet knobs and pulls, appliances, curtains, and many other things.

Renovating your kitchen is a fun experience that will knock the wind out of you.  It’s hard work and a long process, but it is well worth the effort and the money put into it if you really spend your time thinking about the details and how the kitchen can and will work for you.