Starting a Catering Company

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Starting a Catering Company

You just graduated with a degree in culinary arts, and you want to open a catering company instead of working for someone else. Perhaps, you grew up in a family that owned a restaurant and learned cooking and catering skills early. Where do you begin?

The first step is to find a niche or specialty to focus on. It can be one product like gourmet cupcakes where you provide special treats for birthday parties, weddings, special events, and dinner parties. A specialty will set you apart from the competition. Another point is to find a speciaity that others are looking for. Your catering business could provide vegetarian cuisine, Mexican, French or even barbecue.

The important point is to give yourself a competitive edge. Pick a category that you excel at, because this will help you succeed. Another important skill to have is good social skills. Are you a people person that gets along with customers?
If not, then you have to be at least be polite and dependable.

The start up costs on catering companies are generally low. You can rent table linens, silverware, plates, and tables from restaurant supplies charlotte nc. That way you do not have to buy your own supplies when you start. Start by checking with your local Health Department about cooking in your home, if you plan to do it there. They may have to inspect your home or advise you to rent a commercial kitchen. Often you can rent commercial kitchens, by the hour or the shift you need to use it.

Again there are many factors to consider when starting a catering business. When starting out order supplies from restaurant supplies charlotte nc will save you on supply costs.

Transporting food is another step. You may need to have a van or truck casino online to carry food. The cold food has to stay cold and hot food has to stay hot. You will be setting up the event, serving food, and cleaning up. When you price you food, be sure to think about costs so don”t under price yourself.

Focus on marketing design a logo or business card that sets you apart. Advertise your business, on the Internet and in local newspapers. Make sure when your listed on the Internet you are easy to find by keyword or specialty. Having a Facebook Page where loyal customers promote your business is a great way to advertise. If you have the money hiring a sales person or marketing specialist can help.

Do you need to hire help then finding experienced food service professionals is important. Looking for people with cooking or catering experience is not hard. Advertise at local community colleges or trade schools that have culinary courses. This way you will find qualified help.