The Smell of Brewing Espresso

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The Smell of Brewing Espresso

It’s nearly a ritual to some of us, that first groggy part of the morning where we kind of wake up in the middle of our every day routine. The part that really wakes us up? Oh, that’s my favorite. That’s the delicious smell of finely brewed cup of coffee or espresso made from the most exquisite, carefully roasted beans of perfect blissful happiness. The only way to really wake up and start the day.

On those mornings when I know I’ll really need a jump start, the brain’s almost on autopilot when I wake up. It knows to go right for the espresso, no time for the watered Americano espresso we call coffee. After those beans are ground with the steel burr grinder, I get that first whiff as I pour the granulated bliss into the espresso basket. I fill it over full, brushing off some of the excess with my finger. A guilty pleasure of taking a whiff as I reach for one of my espresso tampers, pressing down firmly and compacting as much as I can.

A quality tamper for your espresso is important, as you want to get as much of that heavenly aroma-inducing goodness down in there as possible. The brain knows this, and that’s why it expertly tamps down the coffee even while the rest of me is too groggy to figure out my socks are on upside down but still knows my feet are wrong somehow.

Securing the basket into the espresso machine, my fingers do the magic of pressing the buttons. It’s good they know what’s up, because I just realized I stopped doing my hair half way through because my phone told me the predictions for tonight’s game and I had to make some real fast adjustments to my fantasy team before Mike in Accounting could get whats-his-face to – oh, yeah, listen to that steam! Soon.

After finishing halfway putting myself into an appearance that wouldn’t scare small children and animals, it hit me. Walking back into the kitchen, it was nearly ready. The smell wafted into the air and I knew my selection was correct. Kona beans freshly ground, high quality coffee tools and parts, and practice-honed barista skills. This was the way a morning was supposed to start.

The mug had its triple shot of espresso in there, and it pulled me across the room not unlike an enticing finger telling me to come hither. The white ceramic mug, plain except for the large, bold “NO.” placed one it with the slight subtext, “not before my coffee” below it, was within my grasp. The golden brown, almost foamy liquid at the top hides the endless dark of daily motivation. A whip of cream and a dash of cinnamon, and it’s complete.
I can’t make the day perfect, but I can make my morning coffee perfect.