Top 5 Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

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Top 5 Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

Everybody wants a winning smile, but we don”t always make the connection between the foods and beverages we put in our mouths and the effects that they will have on our teeth. If you want to brighten your smile, then you will have to pay close attention to the foods you eat every day.

Here are 5 foods that will stain your teeth.


Grapes, pomegranates, and berries of all types are notorious for staining clothes, so why would we want to let them stain our teeth too? Due to the concentrated levels of antioxidants and other goodies in these fruits, don”t eliminate them completely! Just be sure to limit their consumption and to brush as soon as possible after eating them.


Red curry, green curry, yellow curry, and spicy-evil-jungle-devil-curry are all delicious, but they will absolutely kill your smile. If eating out at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants (or when cooking at home), stick with other options that are easier on your pearly whites, like Thai pad noodles or pho.


These habitually consumed beverages are major culprits in our battle against yellowness! If you just can”t get going without your java, then be sure to sip and swish some water in between cups. Can”t live without soda? Try colorless varieties like lemon-lime and all natural sodas.


You probably don”t chug this stuff every day, but even a little dab will do you. To keep your teeth from losing their shine, find other ways of seasoning your rice dishes. Try substituting furikake or even ketchup spiked with some hot chili pepper sauce instead.


Okay, so this technically isn”t a food or beverage, but it”s earned its place in the Teeth-Yellowing Hall of Fame. A pack per day will dull your teeth just as much as any food listed above, so does online casino canada that mean you should quit smoking to preserve your smile? Well, you could do that; it wouldn”t hurt. But there may be other options.

Try switching from regular to filter kings. That will keep some of those chemicals out of your mouth and off of your teeth. Also, consider substituting nicotine gum or patches for cigarettes for a portion of your day. Who knows…besides preserving your smile, these changes might actually help you cut back on smoking as well!

Reducing your consumption of these foods will go along way in whitening your teeth and giving you that beautiful smile you keep dreaming of. Be sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash at least twice per day, and brushing your teeth after lunch isn”t a bad idea, either.

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