Visiting Florida? Be Sure To Check Out These Three Restaurants!

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Visiting Florida? Be Sure To Check Out These Three Restaurants!

Choosing a great restaurant in Florida doesn’t need to be a challenge when Dudes Who Dine can be around to help make some great restaurant reviews. Read ahead for three of the top-rated restaurants in Florida, from romantic dinners to incomparable steak, and then finally to delightful Japanese cuisine. Dig in and enjoy the tastes of Florida!

Best Romantic Restaurant in Jacksonville

Don’t know where to have a romantic date in downtown Jacksonville? The Wine Cellar is continuously rated in the top 25 restaurants in the area. This restaurant features cozy little nooks where couples can enjoy their time together, and dark walls for an elegant feel. There is even a beautiful outdoor seating area, and other spaces that can comfortably accommodate larger groups.

The restaurant has been in business since 1974 and has mastered elegant dining. The menu at the Wine Cellar contains a number of fine dining offerings, and much of the menu is focused on seafood: scallops, shrimp and salmon are a few of their specialties. It’s not only a place for seafood lovers, though. The menu boasts duckling, steak, and lamb as well.

Best Steak House in Tampa

Bern’s Steak House deserves its slogan “a unique culinary experience.” Bern’s, which has been running since 1956, carries one of the largest selections of wine in the entire world. They don’t keep that to themselves though- they offer wine and kitchen tours to every guest. The Bern’s Steak House experience doesn’t stop there; the story keeps people coming back. The restaurant has its very own farm to ensure that produce is always fresh. In addition, they cut steak only as it is ordered so that freshness is unsurpassed.

And the eating continues…To the dessert room. Yes- there is a dessert room! The room boasts 50 different desserts to choose from and more than 1000 varieties of dessert wine. With an interesting history (which will need to be discovered by visiting the restaurant) and such a wide variety of food and drink, there is no wonder why it’s recommended that every person try Bern’s Steak House at least once.

Best Japanese Restaurant in Miami

When searching out Japanese restaurants in Miami, Florida, Shibui is a choice that will satisfy everyone. The dining establishment has been honored with many awards over the years, and they have been in business since 1981. The restaurant has a lot of traditional Japanese cuisine, but they’re moving with the times and they are always trying new things. They originated some of the popular dishes that are currently being served in other areas of town, including the Louisiana and the Margy Rolls.

Florida is filled with a number of pleasant dining experiences, and sometimes it can be a bit blurry as to which places are decent and which places are exceptional. Dudes Who Dine works to make it a simpler process for people to find just the right restaurant for their dining needs. Bon appetite, and look forward to more great restaurant reviews to come!